Still Lifes

"Model study, pastel"

"Still Life#3, Oil"

"Teddy Bear, cante crayon"

"Still Life#1, pastel"

"Still Life#4, charcoal"

"Still Life#6, cante crayon"

"Still Life#2"

"Still Life#5, pastel"

"Padre#2, watercolour"

"Portrait #1, Cante Crayon"

"Teddy Bear #3, Cante Crayon"

"Portrait #2, Charcoal"

"Country Rabbit, Oil"

"Teddy Bear #2, Cante Crayon"

"Still Life, acrylic"


"Angel in Philly", watercolour

"Self Centered", mixed media

"1992 Election", gouache

"Gluttony", mixed media

"Psychodelic Guitar", gouache

"??Lust??", mixed media

"Transworld Siren", gouache

"Edgar Allen Poe", gouache

"Claustraphobia", gouache

"Date Rape", goauche

"????Faces?????", gouache

"Freak'in Out", gouache

"Velveteen Rabbit", watercolour

"Mike & Diana", gouache

"Man with a Wen", watercolour

"The Gingerbread House", watercolour

"Man with Bubbles", gouache

"Hansel and Grethel", watercolour

"Man with a Wen", watercolour

"Jungle Book", watercolour

"Fish follow Sleep", mixed media

"Reproduction", watercolour

"Magic Wood", watercolour

"Lost in the Woods", watercolour

This piece is avalable as a high quality digital print, 15"x30" in a black homemade frame, and matted for $1000 dollars, The original was a hand painted Goauche painting done in 1993. That is available for $3000