Michael D'Orazio's

Story about his "Clowns"

These Clown drawings were done when I was locked up at a Crisis Center called (MCES)Montgomery County Community Services, also called notoriously "Building 50". This was a building that was part of the Norristown State Hospital in Pennsylvania. It since is a facility to help treat people with nervous disorders, mental illness, and suicidal tendencies. My stay there lasted six weeks, and in that time I used it to get work done. I used the back side of photocopied 8-1/2"x11" white paper, and used golf pencils without an eraser. The were one shot drawings. I compiled all the drawings in a folder given to me by the nurses, and gave them to a friend during visiting hours so that they were not destroyed. When I left the facility, I decided to ink them, and then color them on Adobe Photoshop, then compile them into a book sold on Amazon.com. I also used some of the pictures to decorated merchandise such as mugs found on Society6.com, and Cafepress.com. All in all I feel that they were some of my most colorful upbeat work. The book came out phenomenal. After this project I decided to take my Clowns further, and am working on another book which is a little more racey. It is called, "Clowns Burlesque". I hope I can get this book done before 2015. Thanks and enjoy...