[NOTE]: After my 1989 to 1993, where as I worked with other musicians and producers on those particular cd's, I spent a lot of time devoting myself to learning guitar and writing my preliminary songs. It wasn't until 2004 did I start to catalogue my writing, and record songs, and then put them on cd. I had no intention of publishing the cd's then, but after plugging a few out, "Suicide", and "Sing-a-Song", I wanted to follow in the tradition of other artists by releasing cd's every year. I did 2-3 cd's a year just doing one track lo-fi recordings not even knowing to master the recordings, It wasn't until 2008 did I buy a cheap mastering program online did I start to get into that. I went back and mastered all of the work I did for a 4 year period. I experimented with different recording techniques always getting poor results, I was always critical about how the tracks came out, and really put a lot of pressure on myself to get it right. I went through many phases of recording utilizing different kinds of recording equipment always being low budget. Things started to come together in 2015 after I bought a Tascam DR-40 multi-track recorder. It allowed me to do as many overdubs as I wanted on particular songs. and the sound quality and reverb effects were exactly what I was looking for. And then the icing on the cake was when I bought a Casio CTK-6200 keyboard workstation. After the long haul of learning how to play, then learning how to record, then learning how to master, then getting the right equipment everything started to come together finally. 2015 is the begining of doing commercially acceptable music, utilizing multi-tracks, and fully flushing out songs and concepts. WTF, it only took 25 years to finally get it right... Toward 2016 and 2017, my work progressed into territory that I did not expect... The quality of the Recordings we're supurb and so was the production...

1989-1991 "The Burning" CD by The Burning

1993 "Freak'in Out" the Single CD

2004 "Suicide" CD

2005 "Sing-a-Song" CD

2006 "Who I Am" CD

2007 "Kali Ma" CD

2008 "Sing-a-Song 2" CD

2008 "Sign of the Times" CD

2008 "Hits" Compilation CD

2008 "Michael D'Orazio's Instrumentals" CD

2009 "Live at Chaplin's" (a collection of open mic performances) CD

2009 "Live at Chaplin's 7-03-09" Live CD

2010 "Your Death/Lament" CD

2010 "Very Best of Michael D'Orazio" (Compilation) CD

2010 "The Dream Songs" CD

2010 "Songs of Triumph and Despair" Ep

2010 "Very Best of Michael D'Orazio volume 2" (Compilation) CD

2010 "Live at Chaplin's 9-11-10" Live CD

2013 "Happy Halloween" CD

2014 "Through the Window" CD

2014 "Masquerade" CD

2014 "Masquerade 2" CD

2014 "Fire Rising" CD

2014 "Miscellaneous Shit(2004-2014)" (Compilation) Digital Album

2015 "Very Best of Michael D'Orazio volume 3" (Compilation) CD

2015 "Fall Down and Die" CD

2015 "Long Way Down"[Single][RMX] CD

2015 "Pain and Strife" CD

2015 "Snippets" CD

2015 "My Nightmare" CD

2015 "Michael D'Orazio at Jus' Java volume 1, 2, and 3 CD's

2015 "Hell Hole" CD

2015 "Frankenstein's Curse: The Very Best of Volume 4[Compressed version](Compilation)" CD

2015 "Frankenstein's Dream: The Very Best of Volume 5" (Compilation) CD

2015 "My Haunted Kitchen" CD

2015 "Vampire de Musica"(Remix album)(Complilation) CD

2016 "Things people do to you when your in the Dark" CD

2016 "Voices of Madness: A Tribute to Nick Cave volume 1" CD

2016 "Voices of Madness: A Tribute to Nick Cave volume 2 CD

2016 "Voices of Madness: A Tribute to Nick Cave [complete edition]"

2016 "Fly Away(with me)" CD

2016 "Hell's Kitchen" CD

2016 "Hearts and Daggers" CD

2017 "Songs of Pain, Love, and Loneliness: Very Best of volume 6" (Compilation) CD

2017 "Losers and Jealous People" CD

2017 "Songs of Anger, Darkness, and Despair" (Compilation) CD

2017 "Melancholy Dayz" CD

2017 "Darker by the Day" CD

2017 "Til the End of Time" CD

2017 "From Time and Beyond" CD

2017 "The Evil that Men do" CD

2017 "Anxiously Soaring" EP, Digital Album

2017 "Onto the Gates of Dawn" CD

2017 "Utopia" CD

2018 "Life's a Crime" CD

2018 "Spoken Word" CD

2018 "Emergency" CD

2018 "Driven by Ghosts" CD

2019 "Lonely Days of my Life" CD

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