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Like I said 2015 was a great year for me in music. All my cd's done in 2015 are multi-track recordings done at my very home with minimal recording equipment. Proves to me that you really don't have to go to a real studio to do it yourself. All my recordings done between 2004 and 2008 were done on a Tascam analog tape recorder, and then in 2010 on a Sony camcorder. Just experiments for me to get the effect I want. I later used a Tascam DR-40 PCM Linear recorder for everything I did in 2015. Anything I did from 1989 to 1993 was done either in a real studio, or in someone's apartment where they had proper equipment... All my work may be considered Lo/FI, but the quality isn't that bad afterall....

Michael D'Orazio is an Illustrator/Songwriter/Recording Artist/Writer. Inspired by early eighties post punk, and punk, goth, industrial, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the chameleons UK, Danzig, Samhain, the Birthday Party, etc. He would rather do something unique and different then conform to today's trends and pop music. He likes to experiment, and do something more original. He is constantly productive. READ MORE


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I wish you a happy Christmas, and I'd like to thank my family, friends, the people I shared my life with who I may or may not have hurt, Nick Cave for many years of inspiration, including those people who I loved, and been with, and all those people in the system who devote their lives to helping people in need, and support. Thanx to everyone.

The problem with holidays is there are so much expectations for people, and there are a lot of lonely people out there who have no one, and they are kind, smart individuals who are misunderstood, or perhaps they don't want to play the game, or follow people who only want to use them. It's a cruel world out there, and the holidays remind people how unimportant they are in the world. I will say a prayer for those people, not the people who have it all, and want control.

MY THOUGHTS ON THE ESTABLISHED MUSIC OF TODAY(2014): Sometimes being original means taking risks, starting from the beginning when things are a little more crude, and less refined, like commercial overproduced pop sounds. Sometimes you have to risk peoples criticisms of not fitting in or sounding like everything else. Stick to your guns even though your work is rejected in the beginning. It may never catch on but at least you did something totally different and tried to change peoples perspectives on music. I think pop music reached a plateau, in that it's not getting any better, and the refined sound we created that is the norm is getting old, and a lot of people are getting critical, about nothing being balsy or innovative anymore. Commercial music is like refined sugar. Somewhere a long the line you lost something, or forgot where music came from, The root of what was important... Also the media defined what music should sound like, It's an empire. We would like to destroy that empire, and rebuild it the way we think it should sound like... Changing music, is like putting the establishment out of work and giving fresh young new talent jobs. Commercial music today proved that any Tom, Dick and Harry can be a rock star, As long as you have money you can buy your way into anything...



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