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Proverbs 13:21 Misfortune pursues the sinner, but prosperity is the reward of the righteous.

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Jack Lenhart(a.k.a John Michaels)1943-1989 R.I.P

Jack Lenhart was my uncle on my mother's side. It was known that he was an actor, and a singer. I don't know what to say about him except he died prematurely at the age of 45. His life, and his love of show business was cut short after he was admitted in the hospital mysteriously for pnuemonia. I never got to know him well, cause I was still young at 18. He was a star performer by his two song recordings he did in the early 1960's. It's painful for me to think that he was the only other one in my family who had ambitions for a singing career. Me and Jackie are extremely alike in alot of ways, except that I sort of was forced into a darker side of art, and music. I rebelled, but Jackie embraced himself. I dream that one day I can share his light about music. I also think, that know one knows really what makes a star shine bright, and what inhibits the light. I am sure that my Uncle knew something of that light, and that their we're dark forces, that may have extinguished that light.

Michael D'Orazio's "Sign of the Times" cd. Created during the winter of 2008.

Reactions to this Cd...

(04/16/10)-----Dark and gloomy this cd was handed out locally at what was my current bar in 2008-2009, which was the Audubon ale house. I made some copies of this cd up, and every once in a while, I would bring a copy with me to the bar, and give them out randomly to different patrons, to see how they reacted to the cd. There we're alot of flare ups, and the bartenders held me in contempt, as well as some of the regulars. I told most of them to listen to the song, "I See you tonight", which had lyrics like "I am the lunatic that breaths down your throat". I can only imagine what they thought about the work. No one said anything about the quality of the recording, nor did they criticise the content. All I know is that my stay at this bar did not last too much longer. I was later kicked out after I stuck up for myself. They said I was a trouble maker, although I am extremely well behaved, and obedient.
  • 1. Transworld Siren
  • 2. I See you Tonight(Version 2)
  • 3. Just one more Kiss
  • 4. Eclipse
  • 5. Street Sounds
  • 6. La, la, la
  • 7. Sign of the Times Live
  • 8. Eclipse Live
  • 9. Car Crash Live
  • 10. I See You Tonight (Reprise)

    "Trixie, the Schizophrenic Girl", comics from 2006-2007

    "Trixie, the Schizophrenic Girl", is a graphic novel, and a collection of stories that I started in 2006. "Trixie" was a girl who went through personal turmoil only to thrive as an artist who triumphed over social adversity. It also includes favorites like "The Trees that got mad", "The Folk Singer", and "Hitler wanted to be an Artist". Another personal favorite is "The Boy, the Stones, and the Tree". This book flowed out of me very quickly, and it is 55 pages long. Check out my Facebook for samples of the work.

    Proverbs 14:11 The house of the wicked will be destroyed, but the tent of the upright will flourish.

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    Events and things:

    (2/10/15)NEW TRACK "All I Want(a Beautiful Day)" on my "Fall Down and Die" CD 2015

    (2/10/15)NEW TRACK "In Deedy Doo(murder tale)" on my "Fall Down and Die" CD 2015

    "MICHAEL performing "THE NEW AGE" in his parents basement in 2010

    "Fire Rising" cd is one of the first cd's I ever did wholey improvising the tracks completely with out pre writing the compositions or the lyrics. They were all one take recordings that came out perfectly. I used a Tascam Linear PCM recorder to record the tracks, and for being low fidelity cd they weren't too bad. You can find this cd at, or on AMAZON.COM.


    (12/11/13)Of course you must know that My theme from now on in is Clowns. I have two books available right now called "CLOWNS", AND THE "CLOWNS COLORING BOOK", and they are located on AMAZON.COM


    Welcome to my Devil's workshop

    Michael playing "AT YOUR EVIL HANDS(Club mix)"....

    The Burning performing "The Funky Chicken(Vampire Song)" 1989-1990

    The Burning is: Michael D'Orazio(vocals), Mike Smash(Guitars),Ross Earhart(Bass), Jeff Valcarcel(drums), Nick Diblasio(keyboards). Produced by Ian Cross


    EVIL: the rise and fall of "The Burning". A book written in 2010. A memoir of Michael D'Orazio's early years with the band in hardback. It take place in the late eighties.

    -----A comprehensive look back at the life of an ordinary guy, who grows up in turmoil, and ends up with an opportunity to become something more than what he expected. Walking the hallways of high School not knowing where to go, the author ends up with friends that come out of no where, and start to encourage him to step away from normalcy and take a trip into the land of alternative music. Looking back the author realizes the things that we remember most are the bad times, unless they are worthwhile and spectacular.
    Now playing..."Nothing right now" by MICHAEL D'ORAZIO


    Michael D'Orazio is an songwriter/performer who casts a shadow wherever he plays, and performs. If you say, "His work is depressing", well you are right. Michael D'Orazio ignores commercial, pop sounds that are upbeat in nature. Even his early work with the band "The Burning" was depressing, and dark, such as anthems "The Gate" which was a comment on the apprehension of Death, and "The Funky Chicken(Vampire Song) which was Goth in nature.... He always says "I am a goth by heart" but does not wear the clothes to suit his persona which is none. He comes as he is, and is honest with himself, and is honest in his work. He finds depression in his music to be a source of strength in himself, and if you can accept his music well then you can accept the nature of life, which isn't always what we strive for which is positivity. People only value the positive, but Michael embraces the negative, because that is the world he lives in. Giving back the negativity that he experiences in his daily life to those with his art....

    If you want to know more about Michael's biography read: "EVIL: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE BURNING"



    Michael D'Orazio is an avid radical minimalist semi-goth ILLUSTRATOR/SONGWRITER, trying to push the boundries of what is considered appropriate in the visual and performing arts. He currently sells his art books, and his cd's, dedicating his talents to children's books, also creating and selling framed artwork. He loves to cook up new recipes, and to sell anything he can. Love yah!!!


    If you don't want to buy anything you can donate to Michael D'Orazios Gallery. Help keep the spirit alive!!

    Featured Book

    Buy my children's book "The Monster who wouldn't leave!!!...All about a little boy who is bothered by a monster, and has to take back his life!!

    -----Written in 1999, I started the illustrations during that time only to not know how to render the final project. It was resumed, and completed in Sept. 2009.

    "Freak'in Out", a collection of comics from 1998-2001!!

    ----This book is most of the comic work I did between 1998 to 2004. It also includes articles that are relevant to the work, also "Freak'in Out", early "Trixie" comics, and also "Zero". If you see me in person it comes with a free cd of the song "Freak'in Out", enclosed in the book. It was a song I did in the early nineties about toking it up and riding around getting into adventures.

    Michael D'Orazio Live at Chaplin's 07-03-09

    -----I don't do that many shows, but when I do I try to put as much of myself as I can into the performance. The cd is well mastered, and the sound quality is superb. A good example of my work is like on stage.
  • 1. The Gate
  • 2. I See you Tonight
  • 3. There She Goes
  • 4. Medley: Falling from Grace, La, la, la, and Eclipse
  • 5. Just one more kiss
  • 6. Sign of the Times
  • 7. So Far Away
  • 8. Experiment gone wrong
  • 9. Alone
  • 10. Tears
  • 11. Who I Am <

    Proverbs 15:16 A wise man fears the LORD and shuns evil, but a fool is hotheaded and reckless.

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