In one lesson I will have you playing guitar, writing a song, and recording a song, and if you find playing guitar difficult, I will teach you the basics, and fundamentals of playing basic chords, and also fingerpicking techniques that are easy, and not too difficult. My first song I ever wrote was two chords, and strumming, and I found no matter how simple the song may be, it doesn't mean it's not valid, or not enriching to write and listen to....After the prelimaries of learning guitar, and perhaps vocal lessons, I will teach you the easiest method of writing a song, without having to pen or compose the lyrics...This is a free form technique in writing. I also will teach you beyond that how to add arrangements and pick out tones, that will make the preliminary guitar and vocal track beautifully interwoven.... After learning guitar, and then arranging the song with overdubs utilizing handy and inexpensive recording equipment I will then tell you how to master your track on the computer with a basic program, then after all that tell you how to publish you music on internet platforms, and also global digital distribution.... And if you have trouble trying to come up with an album cover I help you with the illustration, or photography, and fonts....

$25 an Hour

Music Lessons are only in my Private home.. Call or text at 484-250-9558(Serious inquiries only)


Even though I am an unlicensed practitioner, I have tremendous amounts of experience in the mental health system, and in also music....I from my own experiences have turned my emotional turmoil, and instability into an endeavor that is enriching, and personally rewarding. I developed a sort of esteem through my methods, and created a backlog of recording, and writing, that spans 25 years. It was the last 3 years did I develop my method of turning my angst, and grief into something creative, and methodically streamlining work, and channeling all this energy, stimulated from abuse into something wonderful... I can help you find yourself through music, especially if you have issues, that need to be released through the creative process's...

$25 an Hour

Call or text at 484-250-9558(Serious inquiries only)